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High Qulaity Oak/Iroko Garden Furniture Entirely Made in Britain

Andrew Crace, Bourne Lane, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire SG10 6ER, UK. Tel 01279 842685

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Aluminium Plant Labels

Bamboo Cloches Bronze Crayfish

You are probably well aware of some of my products, and will certainly have seen others in the gardens of friends, gardens you have visited, in magazines or on the television. Generally the criteria for introducing new items to my product range has been that I could not find stylish products available for use in my own garden which were of sufficiently high quality, utilitarian, comfortable or attractive. So back in 1980 the first Professional Alitags were made, followed shortly afterwards by the development of the first jig. The range of Alitags has expanded over the years to include Aluminium tags (14 shapes and sizes), Teak tags, Bamboo tags, Oak tags and Copper tags. Visit

My furniture designs sprung from a desire to find attractive and comfortable seating for my own garden. Twenty years ago there was almost no attractive garden furniture, and comfort had not been included in any manufacturers specification. My designs started with the Chinoiserie, Edo, Windsor and traditional Slatted Collections launched in 1982 and shown at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1983. These original designs have grown to over 160 pieces of furniture, all in exciting designs, sure to be a source of inspiration in your garden. All my furniture is made here in Much Hadham in my own workshop. If you would like more information on the garden furniture please contact me.

Medium Edo Seat

The inspiration for The Bronze collection arose from the number of clients visiting my garden who wanted to purchase some of the ornaments in the garden in addition to the furniture they had come to view. At first I would tell them that the pieces were not for sale - but after 50 or so requests it would have been folly not to have produced some for sale. The bronzes are now made in Thailand where i cast the majority of the items, with additional items being sourced other specialist foundries. There are well over 200 bronzes in the catalogue, and there are always more on display here in Much Hadham. Prices start at below £10 for a mouse or sparrow, so there is something for the smallest of gardens or for a present. Visit

Other items for the garden include Bamboo Cloches which will protect your plants from rabbits ,cats ,deer, footballs, windchimes and light frosts, but are often bought because they look so good in the garden, as do the bamboo wigwams, which will outlast the willow versions commonly available by many seasons. Three dimensional wire shapes in the form of animals and birds make topiary much easier to achieve and have the advantage that the desired shape is visible from day one - it just needs to be filled out by the plant of your choice, I like to grow the topiary in pots so that it can be moved around the garden or even brought into the house; however the forms also look marvellous growing on top of a hedge. My garden signs and key rings are a more recent development and are most useful items, on which I have allowed humour to invade the messages. Just scan through the two lists - your keys will always be labeled whether for your tool shed or your dungeon. The signs can announce 'do not disturb' to 'please wipe your feet', and if that does not work just turn some of the signs over to strengthen your message! Stone mushrooms in limestone and granite, granite balls and traditional Japanese lanterns, bamboo windchimes and apple pickers, teak orchid baskets and oriental umbrellas also among my product range. I have recently introduced a collection of metal candle lanterns in the shapes of Animals and birds, these are ideal for evenings in the garden or in the conservatory. They are available as cats, frogs, chickens, lobsters, elephants, fish, lizards, owls and many more items can be seen at


Copper Plant Labels Chales Over Chairs & Table Bronze Dachshund Boulder Stone Cruncher Hanging Wooden Signs & Keyrings Garden Friends - Hen & Chicken Granite Balls Teak Hanging Baskets